Cetera Multispace 1 - Space 0.

The yacht that defies the rules of space.

When we came up with the concept of Cetera, we thought of it as an evolution from the classic cruising yachts. Thanks to the innovative Multispace layout, we succeeded in creating a new yacht category, which represents a major breakthrough in terms of design, comfort and efficiency. In fact, Cetera 60' offers 146 sqm/1572 sq. ft. of space, 30 sqm/323 sq. ft. more as compared to yachts of the same size. This achievement was possible by efficiently reorganizing the existing space. It is the result of the team effort by engineers, designers and many other professionals who share the very same passion: a true love for the sea.

A winning solution: Stretched livability

The underlying concept of the Multispace yacht design and what makes it unique, as compared to competitors, is Stretched Livability. The result is a yacht that features areas boasting complete privacy through the efficient use of space, from the extreme end of the bow to the extreme end of the stern. Our goal was to design the layout of our 60 ft. yacht much like a larger superyacht. Designating specific functions for each and every deck enabled us to obtain significant results in terms of efficient distribution of space and quality of onboard life.

A new perspective: The vertical reallocation of space

We have made a profound change to the seafaring lifestyle. And we did it by looking at yachts from a different perspective, a vertical one. Through vertical reallocation of space, Cetera relocated the equipment areas, laundry, crew cabin and tender garage to the lower deck. Conversely, the staterooms have been moved to the main deck, compacting this dedicated area lengthwise and expanding it to maximum beam to create incredibly comfortable, airy and light-filled staterooms. This process gave us the opportunity to create much larger living areas and offer the comfort of two private cockpits.

Acoustic comfort: savor the sound of the waves

To accentuate one of the most magnificent sounds in the world, the sea in motion, we set our sights on restoring prestige and silence to the staterooms. Locating them in the ‘silent zone’ of the yacht, far from the engine room and generator where noise and vibration are also substantially reduced, we succeeded in reaching high levels of acoustic comfort in spaces that are cloaked in complete silence and conducive to complete relaxation.

Hidden treasure: the tender garage

The tender garage is hidden beneath the Multispace’s stern sundeck and can easily stow a Williams Sportjet 285. Fully detached from the engine room and other areas on the lower deck, the berth is hidden beneath a molded cover. Easy to access and use, the tender garage does not extend over the deck, as it is located on the same level as the bridge, making tender hauling and launching smooth and easy via the small built-in crane.

3 decks: Technical, Main and Upper

Unlike a yacht with a typical flybridge, the living and dining areas on the Cetera Multispace are split between the main and upper decks, reclaiming a good 5 sqm/54 sq. ft. of livable space. Our especially intuitive designers achieved this by choosing to create an additional deck, which is utterly lacking on other yachts of this size. And this particular structural improvement provides an enormous of additional space to the staterooms.
But we didn’t just stop there. We also decided to make the forward cockpit even more habitable, offering yet another living area.

We also embraced innovation when it comes to yacht construction. The three decks were built separately and then assembled afterward. Likewise. Vertical reallocation doesn’t just mean maximizing space, but also lowering the costs of production and decreasing delivery time. This is the Cetera concept of Easy Boating.